Military Strategy Page

This page is a compilation of strategy reads that I would recommend to students of national security or more advanced corporate strategy.  Many are classics that got me started in the strategy field, or that I read during my own graduate studies.  Many readers of corporate strategy will recognize Sun Tzu but few others here.  The Warfare in Antiquity is actually the first in a five part series by Hans Delbruck, that is fascinating for its sweep through history.  Beyond the Classics and Compendiums, this page is organized by the major types of warfare - Nuclear, Unconventional (in this case Counter-Insurgency) and Conventional - that have preoccupied military strategists through the past century.  Again, I have painstakingly added links for readers interested in obtaining their own copies.  Enjoy!


Nuclear Strategy


Counter-Insurgency Strategy

Nuclear Strategy, cont.

Conventional Arms Strategy

Conventional Arms Strategy, cont.

Counter-Insurgency Strategy, cont.