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  1. In an era where market, financial, and regulatory uncertainties abound, how do you plan for the future?

  2. Mastering Uncertainty sets out to answer that question and more, to prepare you to face the unknown and learn how to get past it.

  3. To do so, the book outlines three strategies -- Pioneer, Pouncer and Hedger -- to optimize your competitive edge.  Through an abundance of real world examples, you'll see each approach's relative strengths and weaknesses and get practical advice on implementing each. From Apple to General Motors, the examples should be familiar to most and demonstrate how the strategies play out in the real world.

  4. This readable guide is for anyone focused on achieving and maintaining sustained competitiveness in uncertain times like these.

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  1. This is your concise resource for finding classic reads in corporate and military strategy.  It is not a blog, nor is it a laundry list of strategy-related books.  Rather, the selections on the Corporate Strategy and Military Strategy pages represent what many consider to be the best introductions to strategy in print.  Some you will have heard of, and others not.  All will provoke your thinking while helping you learn more about strategy.  Toward that end, you will find micro-reviews of the corporate strategy reads on the Readers’ Recs page.  Similar reviews will be posted for the military strategy reads as time permits.  In the meantime, I hope you find this site useful! 

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